Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hello/ Initial Thoughts

Hello, classmates! I started blogging for my practicum/independent study (see but I'm excited to learn more about blogging and have it become more of a daily practice for me. I started my other blog as a way to help me share what I am working on with others and to help them find links I had discovered.

As a reference tool, I think blogs can provide expert commentary on a highly specific topic (see What Claudia Wore for an extreme example) and provide a centralized place for discussion and exploration. Some of the best blogs I read are ones where the writer is speaking about what they know the most about and what they find most interesting. Unlike more academic work, there is rarely an emphasis on objectivity; the opinion or perhaps bias surrounding the information is what draws the readership.

Being a slight technophobe, 'accept responsibility for your own learning' was one of the parts of the 23 Things presentation that I felt personally challenged by. I need to take the initiative and experiment if I want to learn about new technologies- hence the last habit: play!