Monday, November 9, 2009

on the mend...

I'm finally feeling well enough to start frantically playing catch up, so here goes. As for Google Docs, I use it on pretty much a daily basis for group lesson planning. For another group project, we discovered one of the main benefits of Google Docs was that we could use Google chat to talk over edits in real-time, which beats the whole email drafts back and forth method of yesteryear.
Google Docs can't handle some of the same picky/awesome formatting things as Word, but I would much rather have the conveniences offered by Docs.

The site I chose from the list was Etsy, since I've heard so much about it. I grew up doing craft fairs with my family (my grandparents owned a ceramics shop) and I was interested to see how this site would connect me with local artists/crafters. There is indeed a "local" section that allows you to search by your city/region, which I really appreciated. The interface is also more pleasant than EBay or other user-driven shopping sites I have seen. I don't think I would have looked around the site otherwise, but after about an hour of delightful window-shopping, I had to stop...sometimes these projects really don't feel like homework one bit.

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