Saturday, November 14, 2009

Video sites and Podcasts

Okay, I'm not an embedding genius-and that was my second attempt-I got it formatted down to a passable size, at least. I chose that video because a search for librarians will yield all sorts or crazy/inappropriate/just plain awkward. My favorite from my searching was this old government video:

Your Life Work: The Librarian (1946)

I noticed the line about assisting professional men who come into the library and the mini-tutorial on using subject card-catalogs to find books. My, how times have changed, but
I was interested to see how similar the way we articulate our public role now is to over sixty years ago. Hence, that's why we're doing this 23 Things project, right? We have to use the technology we're already using to show the public how important our role remains-we really do need to go beyond the library doors if we want to thrive in the present. (***end tangent***)

The one thing I don't enjoy about YouTube is trying to do a broad keyword search-I would love an advanced search feature-get on it, Google! Also, the amount of ads on the site is growing to the point where I'm starting to look for alternatives. One site I enjoy is Ning, which is a social-network version of YouTube. It functions much like the "channels" feature of YouTube, but if you're interested in something very specific, it's a great way to find others with like interests and look at their videos.

I already listen to several podcasts during my daily commute/while I'm doing homework (This American Life is one of my favorites, as is the NPR podcast with my former quasi-neighbor Mr. Keillor), but I haven't investigated library-related podcasts beyond the one that I was involved with myself for work. I discovered the Seattle Public Libraries podcasts and found some amazing author interviews, including Kate DiCamillo (a wonderful children's author). I went to the Hennepin Library system site to see if they had anything similar- their site is here, but if you search for it in I Tunes, then you will find the complete listing. It's a great way for these students to get their music and poetry heard-I was impressed by the production values and quality of the five or six I listened to!

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