Friday, October 16, 2009


Rollyo is an interesting concept to me. I didn't quite get it until I saw the search results for my first group. I'm so used to blogrolls at this point that it didn't quite click for me. Once I saw the results, I thought of ways that I search just a little bit harder. I compiled a bunch of review websites together so I could search just for a title and see what's out there on a given book. This would be really helpful for people who want to search something specific to children's materials-since I choose the sites, it's a filter in a certain sense but it doesn't limit the patron since an all-web search is the default. Connected with a specific theme or blog, I can see how useful and appreciated this tool would be.

The site crashed on me both times that I was on it, so I would have to study it more before I decided whether or not to use it in a library setting.

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