Saturday, October 3, 2009


yay for the pretty tree bark...

I will withhold a rant on Twitter, since I personally don't enjoy it even if I see its benefits for me as an individual to communicate. That said, I would gladly use it in a library setting. It's great for getting the word out quickly for events, closings, send out relevant links, and so on.

Flickr, however, has come in handy a few times. Like last week, when I used it to scope out the Sequoya Branch before my site visit for another class in the hopes that I would ask questions without a very obvious answer. Or, when I need cute pictures of bento boxes for my selfish procrastination needs...or when I'm really, really ridiculously homesick.

Of all the mashups, this one won me over by introducing me to the photo at the top of my post. I tried out the librarian trading card as well, but then I thought about it for a second. And as a young adult/school librarian, would I really want to hand those out? Hmmm...nope, but it's a sweet idea nonetheless. I think as a hyper-private person, some of these exercises will be a challenge of sorts for me.

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