Saturday, October 24, 2009

this week

My sister has been using Delicious (which I refuse to spell with the periods-lo que sea) for a while as a theater student, so I had a chat with her about it. Since she's constantly moving back and forth between states, much less computers, it's an essential part of her life. She said it also made discussions easier in the days before Google Docs. I found an interesting new website while I was searching for children's books there- a free phonics website that might be a home supplement for the often very expensive software out there on this subject. I loved how you could narrow your searches by tag-what a cool feature!

I didn't set up a Technorati account, since I don't think it's quite right for either of my blogs, but I have noticed that some of my favorite blogs use it. Looking through some of the popular tags, it's easy to see why many want tagging to replace cataloging, especially of websites-some of these terms have no ready LoC equivalent. I noticed that there was only one tag under the libraries section but more under library-little thing like that do get standardized in cataloging, which makes searching more accurate.

I was looking over the reference log, PS Stats, today (I'm not required to look over it-but I find it so interesting that I find myself looking when I have a spare five minutes throughout the week. One of the staff members really writes out his thought process and most of them copy-paste in the Jing screencasts if they used them) and I found a reference request I felt so jealous that I didn't get to have. Is that a normal emotion? Hmmm...

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